After having trafficked in their first stage in an extensive trip for so many works of classic and contemporary national and international composers, it has continued evolving in the search of a musical and scenic very own language and it has developed their marked wide repertoire specifically for Latin Jazz, Caribbean Music and Popular Cuban Music that they will make you to shiver in their seat without doubts, because their musicians don't only offer a waste of dexterity and virtuosity, but rather they also achieve an incredible coalition with the public, contaminating it with their Cuban typical flavor and combining in way Afro-Cuban ingenious songs, percussion blocks, pieces popular Cubans sung by the five and until dances!, where they arrive to a great climax with the public's participation in the scenario, conforming in yes A true show!!! "HAVANA-SAX" offers the discovery of a different, talkative music, transporting the public to the tropical atmosphere of the Cuban music's perfume that invites to dance their such varied and rhythmic rhythms as the cha-cha-chá, mambo, rumba, danzón, is, bolero, conga, sauce, without forgetting the Jazz and Latin purer Jazz. Jointly with the success acquired in Cuba, the originality of "HAVANA-SAX" it has allowed him/her to develop a successful career abroad making international numerous tours for several countries of such Europe as: France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, England and in other continents as Tahiti, Martinique, Barbados, Malaysia, USES, Canada, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, 12 African countries, etc. Besides varied presentations in emissions of Radio and Television.