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Claude Crousier
In his creations, Claude Crousier uses a similar approach in Music, Painting and Literature: a work area where everyone can travel. In parallel to its function professor of clarinet at CNRR Marseille and professor of education at South Cefedem and Cefedem of Lorraine, Claude Crousier continues his solo career with ensemble "Musicatreize", chamber (Trio "Johannes", clarinet, cello and piano) and composer, in France and abroad. The combination of these various artistic practices guide often to "Concerts-Openings", blending literature, music and painting. («Les Arts se dorent au soleil» City of Music Marseille-2008 ... Bischeim 2010 ...)
Claude Crousier has written articles and educational books ; his latest book: "the musician and the group ". Sedim Paris editions. But also a collection of poems «Sursaut sur soi» and written less serious «Jeux de mobiles débiles».
His work with "Studio Instrumental" in Aix en Provence and the "CNRS" Marseille leads to research in music and computer. He has made numerous recordings (CD, radio, television) with the Orchestras of Nice, Marseille, Musicatreize and "Studio Instrumental" (CD " Beyond "clarinet and electroacoustic)
After his studies at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM), Claude Crousier was soloist ensembles Contemporary "2E2M" and "l'Itinéraire" in Paris. Thereafter, it will be hired as a clarinet soloist Nice Orchestra and professor of clarinet in the same city. The orchestra of Marseille the host also as solo clarinet for 5 years.
Claude Crousier receives international award for composition in Paris. He directs his creation music to orchestral works, choral and chamber music. It is published at : J.M. Fuzeau, Lemoine and Billaudot. His musical and literary works are submitted to the SACEM and SNAC.