the new Henri Selmer saxophone reeds

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In this 130th anniversary of the company’s founding, Henri Selmer Paris is creating a buzz and returning to its initial activity: the design and manufacturing of Saxophone reeds.

Following tradition, Henri SELMER Paris uses reed cane from the south of France, and stands out by using wild cane. Richer in fiber it offers greater durability and lifespan.

Three years of work, in collaboration with the most demanding musicians, were necessary for the Henri Selmer Paris Research and Development team to perfect the profile of a reed adapted to the needs of artists across all musical spectrums, including classical, jazz, and popular music. Ease of vibration, flexibility, richness of sound, and a unique balance across all registers symbolize this new reed.

High precision machines guarantee a quality and regularity in the cut. State-of-the art reed calibration allows musicians to find more great reeds in each box.

The Henri Selmer saxophone reeds carry the name of the founder of the company and professional clarinettist.

They are available for soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, in strengths 2 to 4.

So as to make the musician’s daily life a little easier, all while respecting the environment, the reeds are sold in a six-pack and include a reed case made of recyclable plastic, designed by Henri Selmer Paris. A practical solution for every musician’s needs.

A worldwide reference for woodwinds, Henri Selmer Paris works closer with musicians than ever before. Thanks to its comprehensive design and manufacturing approach, Henri Selmer Paris exalts the complementary and inseparable trio: instrument, mouthpiece, and reed.

from Adolphe SAX to Henri SELMER

Two hundred years ago Adolphe Sax was born. For nearly a century Henri SELMER Paris has risen to the challenge of this great inventor – to adapt and evolve the saxophone for the modern day – now introducing the LIMITED EDITION ALTO SAX.
A perfect synthesis of the multiple sound possibilities and varieties of timbre that the saxophone can offer. With this instrument Henri SELMER Paris reaffirms their mastery of traditional instrument making combined with an inventive force rooted in modernity, continuing along the path of the work of Adolphe Sax.
An exceptional saxophone, the LIMITED EDITION ALTO SAX makes use of the past to prepare for the future, always in tune with the present. This new model is exclusively sold in outfit with its limited edition mouthpiece, case, grenadilla wood plug and the « Sax Revolutions » DVD.

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A neck octave key inspired by the ‘Modèle 22’

• Pearl thumb rest
• Octave key spatula inspired by the ‘Balanced Action’ (*)

An U-shape body/bell brace inspired by the ‘Model 22’

Wire key guards inspired by the original ‘Adolphe Sax’ instruments

A new key guard design

• Pearl rollers
• Nickel keys inspired by the original ‘Adolphe Sax’ instruments

A limited series number  

A mouthpiece profiled with a metal ring, signed ‘H. Selmer’.
• Round chamber
• Opening: 1.45mm.