Introducing the Sigma Bb trumpet, rebirth of the orchestral trumpet

Enhanced by the prestigious imprint of the highest artistic collaborations, Henri SELMER Paris has achieved a first-rate synthesis of the greatest historical steps of its instrumental manufacture through the release of the new “Sigma” trumpet.
Born from the encounters with various generations of testers, the release of this B-flat trumpet will indubitably fit in the great orchestral tradition, while blowing a wind of revival in the trumpet world.
Combining Henri SELMER Paris’ achievements and expertise, “Sigma” now features the ultimate expression of an undeniable authenticity, with true qualities of sound, feel and projection, in the lineage of a long top-of-the-range French manufacturing tradition.

Key: B-flat Bore Ø: 11.75 mm (medium bore) Bell Ø: 124 mm; outset Ø: 12 mm High-precision monel metal valves Top-sprung valves Nylon valve guides Tuning: by 3rd valve ring and 1st valve thumb hook Two waterkeys Weight: 1.09 kg (gold), 1.115 kg (silver-plated)