A wide choice of finishes for different acoustic options

 Selmer Paris has created a range of necks for saxophones, making it possible to personalize your instrument by meeting specific needs in the search for sound and playing comfort. Several finishes are currently available:
- varnished (VO), silver plated (AO), matt brushed (BVG/VO), matt varnished (VMO), black (N) and gold plated (AUO).
The range of necks offered by Selmer Paris also extends to those manufactured in rarer alloys, offering real alternatives in richness of timbre or character of sound:
- solid sterling silver.
Given that the parameters can differ from one model to another, it is difficult to lay down a general rule; however, we can observe that certain materials or finishes have particular affects:
- the gold plated finish acts directly on the centeredness, precision and richness of the sound,
- solid silver affects the dynamics and general homogeneity,

Even so, only an actual test will allow you to fully appreciate the intrinsic quality of each of these necks.

The Harmonic key neck

The harmonic key system facilitates the emission and provides greater velocity in the high register.
The harmonic key can also be homogeneous in the sound color, a result all the more perceptible in low dynamics.

The harmonic key kit, developed in collaboration with Christophe Bois (Diastema), can transform a standard saxophone, Super Action 80 Series II or Series III into a saxophone with harmonic key.
The kit, composed of three elements, only fits onto a saxophone equipped with a harmonic key neck.