B flat & C Selmer Paris trumpets : whatever you play


Based on the “Chorus” model, the B-flat “Chorus 80 J” trumpet has been developed for jazz and studio work (especially for small groups).
A good balance between the mouthpipe and the bell dimensions, along with specific modifications (oversized bottom valve caps, shifted tuning slide crook), contribute to the specificity of this model : easy, centered blowing, good general openness, particularly in the upper register, and excellent power of projection.
“Chorus 80 J”: a versatile trumpet for small groups.

"CONCEPT" TT and TTM (nickel silver mouthpipe) B flat TRUMPETSPower and finesse. The “Concept TT” is an artistic offer which complements the “Chorus” models, greatly enriching the Selmer Paris B-flat trumpet line.
A design based on the “TT” technology (“Twin Tube" or double tube mouthpipe) gives it exceptional acoustic qualities : a direct, centred sound, very open harmonics, excellent response and a wide dynamic range.
All these elements contribute to remarkable flexibility and make it particularly suitable for musicians playing in orchestras and larger or smaller groups (soloist or section). The quality of its functional elements (slide adjustment, valve functioning and grip) and the care taken in making the “Concept TT” result in a world class trumpet.
“Concept TT”: a highly resourceful trumpet for big groups.

Enhanced by the prestigious imprint of the highest artistic collaborations, Henri SELMER Paris has achieved a first-rate synthesis of the greatest historical steps of its instrumental manufacture through the release of the new “Sigma” trumpet.
Born from encounters occurring over generations of players, the release of this B-flat trumpet will unquestionably fit into the great orchestral tradition, blowing a wind of revival in the trumpeting world.
Combining Henri SELMER Paris’ achievements and expertise, “Sigma” features the ultimate expression of undeniable authenticity, with true qualities of sound, feel and projection in the lineage of a long, top-of-the-range French manufacturing tradition.


The “900 TT” C trumpet is an instrument designed for orchestral work and is suitable for the soloist as well as for the whole section. It is manufactured from a specific concept standardized for the first time on this model : the "Twin Tube" technology.
It combines a generous sound print, flexibility, precision and perfectly controllable blowing with very well balanced tuning and dynamics in all registers.
“900 TT”: a great orchestral trumpet.


All our instruments are covered by a two-year warranty, from date of purchase, for any defects in workmanship. The original invoice should be produced for the warranty to be valid.

Warranty does not cover accidental damage, misuse, negligence, improper maintenance nor modifications.

There will be no refund nor exchange of the instrument under warranty.

The two-year warranty is valid only if repairs and maintenance are carried out by an authorized Henri SELMER Paris dealer or technician.