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 Series III B-flat Tenor Saxophone Gold Lacquer Engraved


Series III B-flat Tenor Saxophone

Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG)

Key: B-flat Range: to High F sharp Multidirectional metal thumb rest Leather pads, metal booster


S80 C* B-flat Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Clear Lacquer (sold with the instrument)


B-flat Tenor Saxophone Light Case (sold with the instrument)

texte With the “Series III” tenor, the Selmer legend continues: incorporating numerous qualities from previous models, it asserts itself with a sound and dynamic range that make it the instrument of the greats.
Acoustically, the “Series III” tenor is a particularly versatile instrument, allowing the musician to explore a multiplicity of sound colours according to concept and material. A real pleasure to play, with a generous lower register and easy subtones, its excellent response, striking pitch and balanced ergonomics will create a close relationship between musician and instrument, an essential condition for musical expressiveness.