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 Super Action 80 Series II E-flat Sopranino Saxophone Silver Plated Engraved


Super Action 80 Series II E-flat Sopranino Saxophone

Silver Plated Engraved (AG)

Key: E-flat.       Range: high F sharp Thumb rest: adjustable, in plastic Blue steel needle spring Leather pads, metal booster


S80 C* E-flat Sopranino Saxophone Mouthpiece Silver plated (sold with the instrument)


E-flat Sopranino Saxophone Light Case (sold with the instrument)

The E-flat sopranino saxophone is regarded as a very delicate instrument with respect to both its playing approach as well as its fabrication. It is the highest voice in the saxophone family and is used more and more frequently in the contemporary repertoire. The “Super Action 80 Series II” Sopranino features good overall blowing and attractive timbre: despite its high pitch, it has a warm sound that is very close to the E-flat alto. It fully fits into the “Super Action 80 Series II” spirit, while asserting a real personality.