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 Recital A Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever Silver plated


Recital A Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever

Silver plated (AO)

Key: A Bore diameter : 14.35mm / 0.565 inch Pitch : 441 Delivered with two barrels : 64.5 & 62.5 mm System : Standard Boehm N°1B (17 Keys, 6 Rings) Left-hand Eb lever Barrels, body joints and bell : Grenadilla wood Keywork : Silver plated Nickel Silver Adjustable thumbrest Leather Pads Metal tenon sockets (male+ female) Blue steel springs


C85 120 B-flat Clarinet Mouthpiece Stripped (sold with the instrument)

A sophisticated bore, and the matter as well, a particularly selected and worked grenadilla wood, have made possible the genesis of a particular sonority; noble and living matter, the wood itself gives the "Recital" this warm, rich and round tone, with an exceptional presence (diameter of the joints is bigger than a traditional model, by two millimetres). A significant reserve of power and a very condensed voice favour a generous playing.
A really expressive instrument for those who are looking for "a sound". A Bb and A set with an original conception for a rare quality acoustic result.