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 Signature 440 B-flat Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever Silver plated Keys


Signature 440 B-flat Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever

Silver plated Keys (AO)

Key : Bb Bore diameter : 14.50mm / 0.571 inch Pitch : 440,442 Delivered with two barrels :              440 : 64.5 mm & 62.5 mm
            442 : 64.5 mm & 62.5 mm
System : Standard Boehm N°1B (17 Keys, 6 Rings) Left-hand Eb lever Barrels, body joints and bell : Grenadilla wood Keywork : Silver plated Nickel Silver Metal tenon sockets (male + female) Adjustable thumbrest Leather Pads Blue steel springs


C85 120 B-flat Clarinet Mouthpiece Silver plated (sold with the instrument)


B-flat Clarinet PRiSme Case (sold with the instrument)

"SIGNATURE" is a unique and unrivalled concept. The tone, a right compromise between roundness and presence, is a subtle mixing of sweetness and energy. A wide dynamic range facilitates pianissimo and unsaturated fortissimo, with a perfectly homogeneous tone over the various registers. A centred and easy emission provides a high level control.
The tuning is perfectly balanced (higher toneholes) and for a better adaptability, the Bb clarinet is available in two different pitches (440 or 442).

They play clarinet Bb Signature :
Jacques Di Donato (professor, Lyon, France) Todd Levy (soloist, Milwaukee Orchestra, US) Steve Williamson (soloist, NY Metropolitan Opera, US) Michel Lethiec (international soloist, France) Stéphane Chausse (soloist, jazz, France)