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 Recital E-flat Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever Silver plated Keys


Recital E-flat Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever

Silver plated Keys (AO)

Key : Eb Bore diameter :  13.5 mm Pitch : 442 Delivered with two barrels : 43 mm & 45 mm System : Boehm standard system (17 keys, 6 rings) with left hand Eb lever Adjustable thumb rest Barrels, body joints and bell : Grenadilla wood Keywork : Silver plated Nickel Silver Leather pads Stainless steel needle springs Weight : 0.545kg


Standard C* E-flat Clarinet Mouthpiece Silver plated (sold with the instrument)


E-flat Clarinet Light Case (sold with the instrument)

An instrument for which the quality of the sound is premium: round, homogeneous, without aggressiveness.
The Selmer Paris E-flat "RECITAL" is designed to closely follow the continuity of the clarinet family. The instrument fits into orchestras very well, making it possible to reach dynamic levels balanced out with other instruments of the music desk.