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 Brass manufacture

Assembly - the valve set

The valve casings are machined from brass tubes by a digitally controlled lathe. They are then notched and polished. One of them is engraved with the Henri SELMER Paris mark. THE VALVE SET
The valve set is the assembly of the following elements: valve casings equipped with the valves themselves, the crook, the tuning slide receivers and various braces.

Quality check

After having play-tested the instrument to ensure it conforms to the highest quality standards, the instrument is given a final shining with a flannel cloth. SELMER PARIS QUALITY
Since 1998, the approach to quality has been strengthened and a number of actions taken to sensitize the personnel to the exacting requirements mandated by the world class position occupied by Selmer Paris saxophones.
Many quality controls are carried out throughout the production cycle, according to very precise criteria. A specific SQA (Selmer Quality Action) corresponds to each phase of manufacture. If the SQA is not good, the instrument is not allowed to continue in the production line. This allows any deviation in manufacture to be avoided, even from very early on in the process.